COVID-19 Safety Procedures

As our community continues to address the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be providing both in-office and telehealth (video) appointments for the foreseeable future in accordance with CDC and local guidelines. I reserve the right to cancel any in-person sessions if it becomes unsafe at any point.

When choosing an in-office appointment:

By agreeing and coming into the office, client assumes the risk for exposure to COVID-19 or other public health risk. Clients should consult with their physician on public and personal health risk. When you arrive, please text or call me and wait in your car. I will come meet you at the front building entrance at your appointment time. I will provide hand sanitizer when you enter the building. Our waiting room is closed, so anyone that accompanies you to the appointment that is not in session will need to wait in the parking lot. Masks are recommended in areas where people are less that 6ft apart (transition time between sessions). If you prefer to wear a mask during session, it is recommended that you continue with telehealth sessions instead of in-person. Session transition times have been extended and staggered to avoid overlap of clients and to allow for sanitation procedures. Clients will be asked to sign a COVID-19 waiver acknowledging a slight increase of risk of potential exposure due to attending an in-office visit. By attending an in-person session, you agree to notify me if you or a member of your household has been exposed to or infected with COVID-19, or if you work in an environment that exposes you to individuals who may be infected with COVID-19. In order to keep all parties safe from the transmission of COVID-19, I reserve the right to cancel our appointment and require you to leave the office immediately if you or another person in the office has a fever or any other symptoms. If I or another staff member are sick, I will notify you so that you may take necessary precautions.

Telehealth Sessions:

I am offering telehealth online sessions during this time to afford any client the ability to stay home while still continuing their regularly scheduled sessions. Any handouts/paperwork will be handled electronically as to reduce the risk of any additional exposure through the use of exchanging paper. There is NO extra charge for these sessions and there is NO additional programs to download on your computer. You may download the free Telehealth for Simple Practice app if you would like to join the session on a smartphone or tablet. For telehealth online sessions, I will arrange the session by emailing you a link to a virtual online waiting room. I uses the online platform Simple Practice. You can access this site by using any device that you feel the most comfortable.